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Experience safe and effective injection treatments with botulinum and hyaluronan at our beauty clinic in Zurich. We prioritize proven therapies, backed by compelling data, for your comfort and discretion.

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At our Zurich beauty clinic, we specialize in safe and effective injection treatments using botulinum and hyaluronan. We believe in offering a carefully selected range of treatments supported by convincing data and studies. While we value innovation, we prioritize critical evaluation of new trends to ensure the treatments we provide are backed by medical evidence. Our focus is on your well-being. We therefore offer private waiting areas to ensure a comfortable and discreet experience.

Dr. Med Dan Iselin

Dr. med. Dan Iselin

Dr. med. Iselin is an aesthetic physician in Zurich who specialises in non-surgical facial treatments. For the last 15 years he has dedicated himself entirely to the gentle and natural application of botulinum and hyaluronan. While these methods are only two of the many options on the market, they represent the foundation of every modern aesthetic medicine treatment.

Swiss Medical Professions Registry Number for university medical professionals: GLN-7601000071026

Treatment Philosophy

Safety, Effectiveness, Naturalness, and No Excessive Measures
In our beauty clinic, we place a strong emphasis on four essential aspects of aesthetic medicine: safety, effectiveness, naturalness, and a thoughtful approach. Your safety is our top priority, while we also strive to achieve asthetic results that are both effective and (appear) natural.

Inspiration and Beauty Ideals: Embrace Your Unique Beauty
The essence of beauty lies in its naturalness, which is reflected through the harmonious proportions of the number Pi and its presence in nature. Despite the media often presenting contrary examples, we acknowledge that true beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, we encourage you to be authentic, accentuate your inner beauty, and treat it with love, without conforming to passing trends or beauty ideals.

Social Media: Countering the Demand for Enhancement
Considering the rising demand for change and perfection in aesthetic medicine, it is crucial for us to address this trend responsibly and not blindly comply with every desire. We prioritise ethical considerations and meticulous decision-making to safeguard your best interests and long-term well-being.

Ethics and Aesthetics

Health, Beauty, and Personal Choice

The field of aesthetic medicine has long been in a state of ethical and moral tensions. It is essential to recognize that health is not a given, and having a beautiful appearance is a privilege. The decision is yours, don't let moral authorities or external judgments hold you back. Those who truly care and love you will accept and support you regardless.

Ageing Gracefully: Personal Development and Self-Choice

The concept of "ageing gracefully" is subjective and shaped by our personal belief systems. An importante stage in personal development is being able to make decisions free from constraints and fears, allowing you to embrace choices that resonate with your values and desired outcomes.

What Really Works: Evidence-based Approach

In the vast and confusing market of aesthetic medicine, it's essential to discern what truly works. Many methods and products lack effective methodology and evidence to support their claims. It is challenging for non-professionals to evaluate the potency of methods or products and navigate misleading certifications. As responsible practitioners, we strive to uphold real value, sustainability, and trust, critically evaluating our actions and focusing on evidence-based approaches.


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